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2017 fixture wish list: West Coast

Alex Malcolm from analyses the Eagles 'wish list' for of their 2017 fixture

4:37pm  Oct 26, 2016

The biggest trades in Eagles history

All the big names that joined the Eagles thanks to a trade deal

9:15am  Oct 26, 2016

WA Draft guns: English's stocks soar

WA ruck goes from late pick to top-10 chance

12:07pm  Oct 25, 2016

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Meet the Rookies: Callum Sinclair

Recruited from Subiaco FC, this Victorian is will look to develop his ruck skills under experts Cox and Naitanui

December 11, 2012  3:28 PM




WA Draft guns: Tim English

12:10pm Oct 25, 2016

Mitchell's impressive outing

11:18am Oct 25, 2016

Trade period review: West Coast

3:15pm Oct 20, 2016

Eagles welcome Vardy

9:33am Oct 20, 2016

Who 'won' the Judd trade?

10:19am Oct 19, 2016

Mitchell can't wait to head west

12:35pm Oct 15, 2016

Nic Nat pumped with Mitch's move

1:30pm Oct 14, 2016

Best of Sam Mitchell

7:41am Oct 14, 2016